Digital Brand Activation.

In the digital world, where customer attention is increasingly divided, a strong brand is crucial. A good product alone is no longer enough – people are not only looking for a solution to a problem, but for experiences. We help you make your brand tangible and create interactive moments between brand and human. The digital world is ideal for activating your brand. You can use various touchpoints and reach your audience where it is. With emotional brand experiences and gamification, you make your brand unmistakable and allow for more closeness to the customer – after all, experiences are the new sales argument.
We combine strategic expertise with creativity and innovative ideas for digital marketing to create brand experiences with your target audience. We analyze the entire customer journey to ensure targeted communication – the expectations and desires of your target audience determine the channel selection. In a tailored solution, we work out the right approach for your goals and are happy to share our knowledge with you in workshops or training.

Consulting & Strategy

Our focus is to make your brand come alive and create unique customer experiences. Based on a thorough analysis of your target audience, brand values, and goals, we develop a tailored marketing strategy for your company.

Workshops & Trainings

We offer workshops and training courses to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills in digital marketing.

Analyze & Optimization

Detailed performance analysis of your digital marketing activities reveals potential for optimization, allowing us to continuously improve your marketing strategy.


A strong brand identity is crucial for success on the web. We assist you in developing and positioning your brand to convey a unified and authentic brand message.


Interactive Contests

We develop and implement creative contest concepts that bring your brand to life. By integrating digital technologies, we create exciting and entertaining interactions between your brand and your customers.


Cashback promotions

With cashback promotions, you can offer your customers a financial incentive while strengthening your brand. By integrating digital solutions, we optimize the process and provide your customers with a seamless experience.


Collective actions

Collecting campaigns are a proven method of retaining customers. Using digital platforms, we can optimize the collecting experience and motivate customers to interact with your brand again and again.

Data Driven Marketing.

To stand out in competition, it is crucial for companies to build their marketing strategies on data and insights. This is where Data Driven Marketing comes in. With a data-driven approach, we help you optimize your marketing activities, better understand your target audience, and increase the success of your campaigns.

We combine our expertise in technology and marketing to analyze various data sources such as customer data, online behavior patterns, demographic information, and social interactions. This gives us valuable insights into the behavior, preferences, and needs of your target audience. Our goal is to increase your marketing effectiveness, improve customer retention, and achieve maximum success from your marketing investments.

Customer Insights

We conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of purchasing behavior, values, and needs to define appropriate measures.

Conversion optimization

From lead generation to purchase or contract closure - we optimize digital sales interactions and the customer experience.

Marketing Automation

Whether it's search engine marketing or social ads - with AI and the right tools, we make marketing processes more effective and profitable.

Reporting and Monitoring

Defining the right KPIs and monitoring all campaigns and measures is essential for sustainable success.

Online Marketing.

We use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to increase the reach and relevance of our clients and to run targeted advertising. Each social network has its own target audience. We develop customized and authentic content and strategies for local, national, and international businesses.

Search Engine Marketing

Social Media


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