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Change Management.

The change management process helps businesses to focus on process optimization and implement adaptations with minimal disruptions and better output.

In software development, the change management process helps with the planning and coordination of individual software solutions or with the implementation of new standard software. In workshops, we outline potential risks associated with new processes and procedures as well as develop a clear communication to all stakeholders.

A key challenge in change management for software development is the need to communicate clearly with every party involved. A balance must be struck between requirements, stability, and control. Thus, it is paramount to stay agile in responding to challenges while maintaining the integrity and reliability of the software.


We analyze your existing strategies to identify the analog and digital success factors of your business model.

Maturity level

standpunkt makes digitization quantifiable. Our Digital Edge Model shows which fields of action can be harnessed to implement a successful digital strategy.


We help you identify digital innovations early to secure a decisive advantage your competition. We accompany and guide the corporate entrepeneurship in your company.

Architecture consulting.

Software architecture is the basis of the software development process. A robust architecture is crucial to the success and efficiency of any software project as it provides the blueprint for how the various components of a system will work together effectively and how to maintain a secure software in the future.

We advise companies on identifying technical requirements for software and processes. Our assessment and documentation of the requirements helps you decide which software to integrate into your ecosystem.

Taking the right steps. Before the project kickoff during conception, we agree on various milestones. This agile approach enables us to quickly respond to challenges throughout the development and implementation phase. After every milestone, the project is reviewed and adjusted if necessary.

System­ Integration.

The integration of software into existing systems (e.g. ERP) is implemented in such a way that a seamless integration of new components into existing systems is guaranteed. Using application programming interfaces (API), we ensure a smooth integration with existing databases and all other software systems (CRM, ERP, etc.).

Using cloud-based technologies enables us to rapidly scale applications and services. We use technologies with the highest level of security to natively integrate cloud-based applications with your existing system, data processing services and network services.

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