Data Driven Marketing.

In the digital world, where customers’ attention is increasingly divided, a strong brand is crucial. That’s why we have concentrated the topic of marketing in a separate unit. Here, we combine our expertise in technology and marketing to effectively support your marketing strategies. Whether it’s SEA, SEO, or innovations with AI and big data, our technology team focuses on all the measures that make up data-driven marketing.

Customer Insights

We conduct qualitative and quantitative analyses of purchasing behavior, values, and needs in order to define appropriate measures.

Conversion Optimization

From lead generation to purchase or contract conclusion - we optimize digital sales interactions and the customer experience.

Marketing Automation

By leveraging the power of AI and the right tools, we make marketing processes more effective and profitable, whether in search engine marketing or social advertising.

Reporting and Monitoring

For sustainable success, metrics are essential - that's why we define the right KPIs and monitor all campaigns and measures.

Online Marketing


Social Media




Online Marketing

standpunkt helps companies and top brands improve their performance through online marketing. We combine technology and marketing to build strong B2B and B2C customer relationships for our clients.

We use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to increase the reach and relevance of our clients and to create targeted advertising. Each social network has its own target audience, and with us, you will be successful on both established and emerging B2C and B2B platforms. We create individual and authentic content and strategies for local, national, and international companies, using formats such as video content, snapshots, information, and inspiration.

Through targeted analysis and monitoring, we understand customer behavior and create personalized marketing campaigns. We use business-to-business networks such as LinkedIn or Xing to help our clients access new business and sales opportunities.

Consulting and Strategy

From defining target audience to developing customer journey and channel strategy - we create digital concepts and campaigns.

Webdesign and Development

Usability is our top priority because websites should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also effective.

Education and Workshops

Our coaches and workshop formats enable direct involvement and training of our clients in online marketing projects.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

We optimize brand awareness and use suitable content on the right channels to generate more leads and customers.

Consumer Brand

By utilizing our “branded” unit, we can contribute to ensuring that a company’s brand stays in the minds of its customers and stands out from the competition. We find the right means to make a company’s brand identity digitally tangible. Through this, we not only strengthen the trust and loyalty of customers, but also create unique moments that make their brand unforgettable. This targeted branding helps to increase brand awareness, recognition, and customer loyalty.

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