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Cloud-native applications typically use a microservices architecture. This architecture efficiently assigns resources to each service used by the application, making the application flexible and adaptable to a cloud architecture.

Standpunkt develops software based on the MACH architecture. We focus on a holistic approach to system integration of hybrid web applications into your IT infrastructure.

We offer a wide range of IT outsourcing services in various native cloud models, such as headless CMS, headless commerce, or low-code platforms.



Microservices break down an application into a series of independent services or modules. Each service references its own data and supports a specific goal. These modules communicate with each other through interfaces (APIs).


API-first is primarily used to connect services and data through interfaces. This makes it possible to implement services into the frontend, as well as export functionalities or data from the backend to third-party systems.


Cloud-native applications typically use a microservices architecture. This architecture efficiently assigns resources to each service used by the application, making the application flexible and adaptable to a cloud architecture.


A headless CMS or commerce system makes the presentation layer flexible because it is not tied to a specific frontend. The API makes your content available wherever you need it: on websites, online shops, external platforms, apps, or other locations.

Partner and Systems

Low Code.

By using low-code tools and established frameworks, APIs can be developed at a very rapid pace. This enables developers to create and modify applications without having to write or change code. Low-code development utilizes visual, platform-independent tools.

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Headless commerce has become one of the most important approaches in e-commerce in recent times. With the help of a modularly structured headless commerce shop, you can easily and cost-effectively implement your multi-channel strategy.

Progressive Web-App

The Shopware Frontend-PWA is highly performant, enabling developers to easily integrate it and create unlimited possibilities to create an outstanding customer experience.

Omnichannel Selling

We integrate various sales channels and reach customers at different touchpoints of the customer journey. This ensures a seamless shopping experience and sustainably increases brand awareness.

Performance and scalability

The headless commerce solution offers the possibility to separate the frontend and backend. Breaking this linkage creates enormous performance gains.

Service und Security.

With our expertise, we create security solutions that are robust and easy to use and utilize leading open-source technology. We specialize in seamlessly integrating our solutions into our customers‘ infrastructure.

Our projects follow the Clean-Code approach with professional documentation of all developments, ensuring our quality management. Our developers follow the motto of Security-First and work according to ISO27001 and other security-relevant developments.


Our project managers and key accounts accompany your project from the first concept to launch and operation. You, as a customer, benefit from this expertise because successful software is the result of competence, dedication, and a trusting collaboration.

UI / UX Creation.

Technology and creativity meet at the highest level at our company. We think from the user’s perspective and create relevant customer experiences.

This includes the design of user interfaces (UI) and the optimization of user experiences (UX) to ensure that your company’s digital products and services are intuitive and enjoyable to use.

In the field of creation, we also work with prototyping and the design of Minimal Viable Products (MVPs) to quickly and cost-effectively test and develop our clients‘ ideas.

User Experience

We develop user-friendly and intuitive solutions that ensure a positive user experience. This includes not only the conception and design of user interfaces, but also testing to better understand user behavior and needs and adjust the product accordingly.

MVP Creation

MVP stands for "Minimum Viable Product" and describes the minimum necessary set of features to test a software product's functionality during the development phase. Whether as a workflow or mockup, MVP creation is essential for quickly testing and iterating on ideas.


Interactive prototypes are developed to test and optimize the user interface and interaction possibilities of digital products - and all of this before the technical development stage. We rely on powerful tools such as Figma and consider individual requirements and goals in design and technology.


We aim to represent your brand and corporate identity optimally in the digital space and convince your target audience within seconds. The transitions between conception and creation are fluid.

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