AVU Aktiengesellschaft für Versorgungs-Unternehmen

Digital Experience Platform

For over 100 years, AVU Aktiengesellschaft für Versorgungs-Unternehmen with its headquarters in Gevelsberg has been supplying people and companies in the Ennepe-Ruhr area with electricity, gas, water, heat and energy. As an important and innovative economic factor in the catchment area, constant development and investments in the future are of particular importance to the company. In the course of this endeavor, we accompanied the AVU for the second time in a relaunch of its website.

Said relaunch focused on the transfer of a new brand image and corporate design into their online presentation. CD, positioning, and brand essence were previously developed and refined in cooperation with our partner agency melchers Werbung. The UI UI and UX were further improved and adapted to account for the increased usage of mobile devices and to accompany and support the new design.

"It is simply fun to work with standpunkt because the nice team manages to make every digital project a success in a service-oriented and creative way. The be-all and end-all is the strategic consulting, through which we can create a holistic, sales-oriented brand presence in the new media."

Sales portal, customer service and marketing platform

The new AVU website functions as sales portal and platform for customer service and a wide range of marketing activities. Therefore, it was essential to adapt the data interfaces to the existing core systems and to optimize the data flow. To ensure an agile approach in the creation of forms, our development team set up a form webapp with innovative interface technology. The schema-based form tool is based on VueJS and allows the editorial team to easily create forms with automatic frontend and backend validation. Accompanying the relaunch, the Pimcore CMS was also upgraded to the latest version thus eliminating security gaps. At the same time, the low-code site builder we developed was expanded and enhanced with features and tools that simplify AVU’s day-to-day work.

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