Online relaunch of the “Finanzwelt” magazine

Strapi and Nuxt v3 in seamless cooperation

Together with FW Verlag from Wiesbaden, Germany, standpunkt digital realized the new online magazine The finance and business magazine uses modern headless architecture that elevates load times, technology, and ease of navigation to new levels.

One of the main changes of the Finanzwelt’s relaunch is the introduction of a more intuitive navigation and paired with a clean UX and UI. The new design features a simplified layout with a clear and concise call to action. This makes it much easier for users to find the content they are looking for.

Minimized load times through modern architecture

Another significant improvement of the relaunch are the minimized mobile and native load times in the range of milliseconds. The new design of Finanzwelt was implemented according to mobile-first standards, ensuring that users can access the site on any device with ease.

The system architecture of the platform was carefully planned and consists of various components that ensure smooth functionality with optimal user experience.

The front-end of the website was developed using Nuxt v3, a modern web development platform based on Vue.js. Nuxt v3 offers a rich set of tools and features that enable developers to build websites quickly and efficiently. With Nuxt v3, guarantees a fast and responsive front-end that meets the requirements of modern usage with high speed.

The backend of the website is provided through Strapi, a headless CMS known for its flexibility and ease of use. Strapi offers a user-friendly interface and an API-first architecture that allows editors to quickly create, manage and publish content via various channels.

The fast and realiable site search function that allows users to easily find relevant content across more than 30,000 articles was implemented using Meilisearch.

The high volume of articles including their respective assets were imported from the old website into the new database and made available in the new system. MySQL provides a fast and scalable database solution for this purpose, that is well suited for large and complex data volumes.

Overall,’s architecture consists of a combination of tools and technologies that were carefully handpicked to ensure smooth functionality and an optimal and sustainable user experience.

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